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During our inn ownership, my husband and I met the nicest older couple from Savannah, Georgia. They would sit quietly in the parlor in the afternoons and look forward to my daily afternoon baked goods. I made a White Chocolate Chip Coconut Macadamia Nut Cookie that they just loved. It became a favorite. The next year we were saddened to learn that she had passed away. The following year, he came back without her. Undoubtedly he had mixed emotions,  but he was happy to have her memory with him in a place they loved spending time away. We loved sharing that with him. And I made those cookies for him.

That following Christmas, I sent him a batch of their cookies. He came back again that following summer and looked forward to their cookies. Over the next two years, his health wasn’t bad, but it was probably in his best interest that he not travel alone. So we kept in touch over the last couple years. I then virtually ran into his daughter on Facebook a couple months ago. She told me her father was doing alright, but they had moved him into a nursing facility after falling and having hip surgery. He’s recovering, but he made a comment to his daughter that “the food is much better in the nursing facility than the hospital”! So I made a batch of their cookies today to send to him tomorrow.Except our little local grocer didn’t have any macadamias so I used pecans (he’s from Georgia, he’ll love ’em and forgive me!)

Sometimes it’s the smallest things that take such little effort that can make the most of someone’s day.

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