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Thanks to my friend Sarah, owner of Beachmere Inn, she reintroduced me to St. Germain French liqueur which comes from the Elderflower. And it is FABULOUS! So I’ve been performing some cautious experimentation with it as it’s not inexpensive. Today I created one cocktail with fresh Clementine juice, St. Germain, Twenty2 Vodka from Maine, a splash of Chambord and club soda; the other with Clementine juice, vanilla vodka and Twenty2 vodka.

Here are the details of my St. Germain Clementine:

Juice 6 Clementines to yield 3/4 cup

Mix 1/2 cup Clementine juice

1/4 cup Twenty2 vodka

1/8 cup St. Germain

1/8 cup Chambord

1/4 cup cranberry juice shake over ice, then add 1/4 cup club soda and stir – makes 2-3 cocktails

The Clementine Creamsicle:

1/4 cup Clementine juice

1/4 cup vanilla vodka

1/8 cup Twenty2 vodka shake over ice