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My friend Susan Axelrod is an online content producer for MaineToday.com and posts centered around delicious food and drink. And you know that’s right up my alley. So I saw this post earlier today and knew I had to create my version of a classic favorite, Mai Tai!

I happen to be into infusing spirits with fresh fruits. I have a mason jar in the fridge with some dark rum. It’s a little too heavy, so I decided to add some light rum to it (when from the start, I should have just used my favorite Mt. Gay which is a nice medium golden rum). So when I read that the recipe Susan posted uses a light and a dark rum, I thought, “perfect!” because that’s essentially what my infusion is. I didn’t have orgeat syrup on hand, however, since it’s a little sweet, citrusy and floral, my ideal substitute would be St. Germain. It has the most beautiful aroma reminiscent of sweet honeysuckle and roses, but not too heavy or perfume-like at all.  And those who know me, KNOW that St. Germain is my favorite addition to so many cocktails. It adds a certain je nails se quoi that leaves you wondering!

So my version went like this:

4 ounces of pineapple infused rum (fresh pineapple chunks, fill mason jar half with light rum, half with dark, such as Goslings, or all Mt. Gay, and let sit for a week or two)

1 1/2 ounces St. Germain

the juice from 1 lime

the juice from 1/4 wedge of an orange

the juice from a 1/4 wedge of a lemon

Shake over ice, pour into a chilled glass and serve it up! Garnish with lime peel and a pineapple wedge. To lighten it up? Add just a splash of club soda.

Thanks for the inspiration, Susan! Next time you and Ted come over, let’s have “Chopped Cocktails”! 🙂