Blackened seasoned shrimp and swordfish bites are dredged in flour and fried crispy! Top tortillas (flour or corn) with the shrimp or swordfish, mango red onion salsa and Sriracha lime aioli and THIS becomes one of my favorite ways to eat seafood! I served mine with fresh avocado and a warm mixture of black beans, corn, sliced red onion and jalapeño with a touch of olive oil.

The salsa ingredients:
diced mango
diced jalapeno
sliced red onion
julienned radish
julienned zucchini
shredded purple cabbage
lime juice
Baklouti Chile oil (from Fiore)

The aioli is just mayo, sriracha, lime juice and honey. Sweet and spicy. Bon Appetit!

shrimp tacos

swordfish tacos

mango salsa