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If there’s one “meal” I prefer not to miss, it’s the late afternoon snack that often accompanies wine. I’ll skip breakfast or lunch in order to not miss this one (true).

crusty bread and olive oil

From the top left, clockwise:

  • olives, roasted peppers, sun dried tomatoes in olive oil
  • grated parmesan between two of my favorite Fiore oils – garlic (left) and chipotle (right) extra virgin olive oils with cracked black pepper
  • creamy ricotta, shaved Parmesan, cracked black pepper, extra virgin olive oil and a drizzle of 18 month aged Balsamic from Fiore
  • sliced hard salami
  • shaved sharp “Alpine” cheddar from Cabot
  • and the crusty Italian bread

Now, what wine to pair with it?

ricotta, parmesan, balsamic vinegar, olive oil