Your FoodMadam

It’s all about food, wine, cheese and more. Oh and chocolate. And lobster. Okay, just about anything delicious; I’ll show you up close photos of real food and sometimes recipes…

Traveling around Maine as much as I do for lodging brokerage enables me to sample a variety of foods from inns, bed and breakfasts, cafes, restaurants, farmers markets and specialty shops. I’m a foodie, a tad bit of a food snob and fan of full-fat products, just like the Europeans do it! A mention of a nor’easter and I run to the store for wine and cheese. And only crusty bread, crostini or flatbread crackers with my cheese.  Before buying a loaf of bread from any bakery, I test the crust through the sleeve for the crackle-factor. No crackle, no purchase. Fresh crusty bread has a sound to it. Foodies know what I mean. Walking through a farmers market for me is like Toys-R-Us is to most kids. I see beautifully colored produce as art and wonder how I can combine the colors and flavors. Often the same principal of complementing colors on a color wheel works in food just the same. Lemon and blueberry; mango and blackberry; strawberry and mint; pumpkin and sage; tomatoes and basil. Get my point? To me, food isn’t nourishment, but rather edible art. I live to eat. And I love to photograph beautiful food in its natural form. I’m a pure food stylist. My tightly cropped and macro food photography (foodporn) dubbed me the FoodMadam. With each post I’ll take you on a visual, culinary journey through my camera lens. I might include a recipe, story or a mishap, but I’ll always leave you craving more from your FoodMadam…

If you so desire, feel free to read a little bit more about me or my professional profile. I have two mottoes: wine and cheese daily and everything in moderation.

I’m an eternal optimist and my glass is always half full, unless I’m drinking from it!

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